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About Phloe

Q: Is Phloe Healthy Bowel safe?
A: Yes. The active ingredient in Phloe, Zyactinase, is 100% natural and derived entirely from kiwifruit. Extensive safety and toxicology testing has been conducted on Zyactinase. All the results show that All the results show that Zyactinase has a good safety profile in humans.
Q: What is Zyactinase?
A: Zyactinase is the name for the 100% natural ingredient derived from kiwifruit that makes Phloe such an effective bowel health product. Put simply, Zyactinase is a freeze-dried powder derived entirely from kiwifruit using a special process which ensures the digestive and bowel health properties of the fruit are maintained. Zyactinase is completely natural and has not been chemically processed or enhanced in any way.
Q: Is Phloe a laxative?
A: No. Phloe is not a laxative. It is a natural bowel health supplement that supports regular and efficient bowel function. It has a very gentle mode of action which is one of the key benefits of taking the product. Phloe is safe to take long-term and works naturally with the body to achieve results. One of the best things about Phloe is that it has been shown in trials to not cause diarrhoea, or spasms.
Q: Will Phloe give you diarrhoea?
A: No. During the trials not one person showed any signs of diarrhoea. And anecdotal evidence also shows that at much larger doses than recommended, diarrhoea is not a problem.
Q: What are prebiotics?
A: Prebiotics are a special type of carbohydrate that acts as ?food? or ?fuel? for the good bacteria in your digestive system. Prebiotics help the good bacteria grow stronger and flourish in your system enabling a better balance of gut microflora. Having the right balance of these bacteria is extremely important for good long-term bowel health.
Q: How do prebiotics differ from probiotics?
A: Probiotics supplement the good bacteria in your digestive system. By taking a probiotic you are putting more good bacteria into your system in the hope that they will survive the conditions of the gut to help with the digestive process.
Q: How much fibre does your product contain?
A: Approx 60mg per capsule.
Q: How is taking Phloe different from just eating kiwifruit?
A: Our production process makes the Zyactinase complex of enzymes, prebiotics and fibre (more available for absorption into the body) than it would be when just eating kiwifruit. This process allows Zyactinase to survive the digestive process when the effect of eating regular kiwifruit will be reduced. You would have to eat a lot of Kiwifruit to get a similar effect.

Who Can Use Phloe?

Q: Even if you do not have bowel health issues can you take Phloe?
A: Yes. Phloe Healthy Bowel is very good for overall bowel and digestive health. Even if you do not have any issues with regularity or other associated symptoms you can still benefit from the digestive properties of the enzymes and the long-term microflora balancing benefits of the prebiotics.
Q: Can diabetics take Phloe?
A: Phloe is suitable for diabetics to consume. There is 330mg?s of natural fruit sugars per capsule.
Q: Can pregnant or breastfeeding women take Phloe?
A: Yes. Phloe is a 100% natural product made from kwifruit and is suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.
Q: Can children take Phloe?
A: Yes. Bowel health conditions are becoming more of a concern in children as they eat more processed foods and often lead less active lives. Phloe is suitable for use in children 3 yrs+. For children less than 3 yrs there is a school of thought that says an allergy to kiwifruit can develop with prolonged consumption of the fruit at a young age. This is an unproven statement but at Phloe we prefer to err of the side of caution. Some children (and adults) prefer to empty their Phloe capsules into a drink (water or juice). If doing so, we suggest avoiding milk based products as Phloe contains a protease enzyme which digests the proteins in milk causing it to curdle. Parental supervision is recommended for children, 3-8 yrs, when swallowing a capsule product, due to the possible risk of choking.


Q: Can Phloe be used long-term?
A: Yes. Best results are achieved by using Phloe on a daily basis. Bowel health issues can come and go without notice ? using Phloe long term will help avoid these episodes. There are no concerns with using Phloe long-term such as bloating or diarrhoea. If you?ve been taking Phloe and you stop taking it, it is likely that over a period of time (a number of weeks but this will differ for different people) you will revert back to experiencing similar problems as before taking Phloe. The reason for this is that the effect of the prebiotic will wear off over time meaning that if you haven?t addressed the core reason for your problem in the first place, your system will return to the way it was before taking Phloe.
Q: Does Phloe cause any embarrassing side effects?
A: No. The trial results showed that the best thing about Phloe was the fact that people could get on with life normally without any unnecessary or embarrassing interruptions.
Q: Why is the dosage quantity so varied for adults? (1-4 capsules a day)?
A: Every person?s body and metabolism is different and therefore different people will require different quantities of Phloe to help them. It is important to trial Phloe and find what works for you. We suggest that everyone takes 4 capsules a day for the first 4-5 days (2 in the morning and 2 in the evening). This ensures that you are taking enough Phloe from the outset. Most people only require 2 capsules a day ongoing. For best results long-term use is recommended.
Q: Why is it recommended that children under 3yrs do not take Phloe?
A: A child?s immune system is still developing and can be hypersensitive to allergies at an early age. Although the risk is probably small we have erred on the side of caution to recommend that a child 3 yrs and below does not take Phloe. However, we believe this risk is very low, so if you would like to trial Phloe on a child less than 3 yrs then we suggest you check with your GP first. If you decide to use Phloe with a child less than 3 yrs the capsule can be emptied into food (e.g. baby food). However, it is advised that you do not mix Phloe with milk as Phloe is a protease enzyme and will break down the proteins in milk thereby curdling it. Phloe should also not be heated with food as this will deactivate the enzyme.

Did You Know?

When your digestive system and bowel are not working properly you can suffer from a number of problems, i.e. bloating, wind and abdominal discomfort.

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